Bilang Na Ang Araw Mo Full Movie (1996)

Bilang Na Ang Araw Mo Movie stars Cesar Montano and Rustom Padilla (now Bb Gandanghari) as childhood friends but grew up at the opposite ends of the law.

Raphael Fernandez (Cesar) became a hired killer while Martin (Rustom) became a defense lawyer. Produced by Neo Films, this action-packed film is directed by Toto Natividad.

Bilang Na Ang Araw Mo Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Andy (Daniel Fernando) hired Villegas to kill a corrupt senator for P2.5 million. After doing the job, he was supposed to receive the remaining payment but Andy and his team tried to kill him. After killing some of them, he met with his lawyer friend Atty. Martin Olivar promised to help him. And with the help of Martin, Raphael won the case after the witness denied him as the suspect.

Later, Raphael invested in a club using the money he earned. Then, he met Cathy (Charlene Gonzales), a club singer who needs money for her brother’s treatment from illegal drugs. Raphael and Cathy became lovers and got married. However, Cathy left Raphael when he learned his old job. Raphael also learned that Martin is not really the clean lawyer that he thinks he is. And now, their friendship will be tested.

Bilang Na Ang Araw Mo Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Rustom Padilla (now Bb Gandanghari), Charlene Gonzales, Dennis Roldan, Willie Revillame, Daniel Fernando, Ricardo Cepeda, Anthony Castelo, Subas Herrero, Shintaro Valdez, Tony Mabesa, Brando Legaspi, Rommel Montano, Michelle Parton, Roy De Guzman, Jun Nardo, Lora Luna, Cloyd Robinson, Randy David, Gino Ilustre and many more.

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