Biboy Banal Full Movie (1990)

Biboy Banal: Pagganti Ko Tapos Kayo is a 1994 Filipino action film starring Jeric Raval and written by Mike Tan. The film is directed by Junn P. Cabreira.

Biboy Banal Movie Plot

Binoy played by Jeric Raval is your typical woman’s hero, in this case, his woman love and his sister who are constantly plagued by the cruelty of bystander men drinking in the corner store. Binoy attempts at all times to save the poor and hapless through his fighting prowess which he most certainly got from his father (Vic Vargas).

He tried to help the poor, old man trying to buy sardines at the store which leads to further fights and which he is able to answer almost all on his own. He does not hold a job, he most certainly isn’t rich and yet he wants to save the world somehow from its injustice to the marginalized.

The time comes when his own father is killed in an accident which drives the perpetrators to jail for the time being because as time would tell, they belong to a syndicate that knows how to take care of its own.

Binoy is challenged when his sister is raped and killed as well and his friend Michael V. is killed in an encounter and the syndicate kidnaps his girlfriend which really brings him down to the reality of taking the help of the police to find justice and save his girlfriend.

All in all, the film is grainy and spotted as it is an old film wherein the use of modern filmmaking devices is not yet in use (circa 1994 ). The direction of the movie is typical action concerted where the buildup of action scenes is predictable.

The humor given by Michael V. is classic Filipino, but timeless and fraught with that one would appreciate and would find memorable among other elements of this film. This reflects the good scriptwriting and the acting prowess of Michael V.

Biboy Banal Movie Cast

Jeric Raval, Vic Vargas, Michael V., Jennifer Mendoza, Kier Legaspi, Ronaldo Valdez, Miguel Rodriguez, Don Pepot, Lucita Soriano, Almira Muhlach, Alex Cunanan, Vic Belaro, Archi Adamos, Ramon Recto, Edgar Santiago

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