Baun Gang Full Movie (1985)

Baun Gang Movie is a true-to-life story of ex-PC (Philippine Constabulary) Sgt. Alejandrino ‘Boy’ Baun, the leader of the notorious bank robbers group Baun Gang, with Rudy Fernandez as the title role.

This action drama film is produced by Bonanza Films and directed by Pepe Marcos.

Baun Gang Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, Boy Baun and his group successfully robbed a bank but one of his men was shot and killed by responding cops. Boy, then his team to send money to the family of their lost members.

Later, a flashback of Boy’s past was shown, revealing his accomplishments and awards as a great cop. But what made him decide to change his path?

Baun Gang Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Beth Bautista, Marilou Bendigo, Joel Alano, Rose Ann Gonzales, Conrad Poe, Rez Cortez, Ernie Forte, Baldo Marro, Perla Bautista, Tony Santos Sr, George Estregan, Raul Aragon, Ruel Vernal, Robert Talabis, Johnny Vicar, and many more.

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