Batas Sa Aking Kamay Full Movie (1987)

Batas Sa Aking Kamay Movie is a 1987 action film directed and written by Mike Relon Makiling. It was produced by William Lao. This movie won a 1988 FAMAS Award Best Child Actress for Glaiza Herradura.

Batas Sa Aking Kamay Movie Plot Summary

FPJ starred as Dario Santiago, who is a good cop, a husband, and a father. In the movie, he is known to catch bad guys by himself after his work at the police station.

He is also a loving son to his father, who is a Superintendent for 14 years. Dario’s father doesn’t want to retire even if he’s having some health problems. Santiago and his mom wanted his father to retire and to enjoy life in the states. And after some thinking and talking, his dad agreed.

Morfe, Santiago’s friend, told him that he was going to be stationed in a different department and will be ranked as Major and congratulated him. On his first day as Major, he encountered some bad cops who refuse to pay for the food they ate at the canteen because simply, they’re cops.

At the station, he was scolded by his boss, Major Regor, who at the first meeting, hate his guts and told him that he is just doing this for publicity and to be ranked up quickly.

On his father’s last day of serving as a police officer, he is brutally shot in the head by a fellow policeman. This made Santiago’s wary about his surroundings and clearly, someone wants him dead.

He got into many shootouts and again, Major Regor is angry and is accusing Santiago, saying that he just wants to wave his gun. He also got an anonymous tip that someone will ambush an important container van so Major Santiago came to rescue but found out that Morfe and his group were already there. He managed to save one witness but unfortunately, Morfe killed the witness.

He also found out that someone is using the prisoners to carry out their illegal business. Santiago’s mother invited Morfe to a farewell party and he came.

He put a bomb under the table and left. Luckily, Santiago and his daughter got outside but unfortunately, his mother and his wife are in critical condition. This heightened Santiago’s suspicion of Morfe and confronted him in a shooting range where Morfe tried to kill him, but he was fast enough to pull the trigger first. He then went to Morfe’s birthday celebration where Major Regor and his group of corrupt police are there to celebrate and kill all of them, including Major Regor.

Batas Sa Aking Kamay Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Eddie Garcia, Charo Santos-Concio, Mario Montenegro, Zandro Zamora, Anita Linda, Glaiza Herradura, Jaime Fabregas, Ruel Vernal, and many more.

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