Batas Ko Ay Bala Full Movie (1996)

Batas Ko Ay Bala Movie stars Cesar Montano as a cop undercover who was assigned to pretend as a member of a drug syndicate and wants to gets revenge after a drug addict serial killer raped and killed his wife. Produced by Mega Vision Films, this action-packed film is directed by Augusto Salvador.

Batas Ko Ay Bala Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Guiller Sandoval (Cesar Montano) is having a drug deal with a syndicate in Manila. Shortly, the cops arrived and there was a gun shooting. He was arrested, while others escaped and some were killed. But because there was no evidence against Guiller, the syndicate’s lawyer posted bail for him and he was released. The syndicate invited him to join them, and he accepted the offer.

Guiller has a girlfriend Emma (Donita Rose) who is working as a club model who saw her taking illegal drugs but he forgives her. Meanwhile, a drug user psycho killer Bingo (John Regala) is roaming around the city and his estranged wife Arlene (Rebecca Bautista) was one of the victims. Later, he learned that Bingo is a part of the syndicate he is working for. Now, which one will come first, his job as a cop, or his personal vendetta?

Batas Ko Ay Bala Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Donita Rose, John Regala, Robert Arevalo, , Kim de los Santos, Lara Morena, Jaime Fabregas, Dick Israel, Rene Hawkins, Conrad Poe, Efren Reyes Jr, Bob Soler, Johnny Vicar, Ann Villegas, Zandro Zamora, May Rivera, Ben Sagmit, Evelyn Vargas, and many more.

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