Basagulero Full Movie (1992)

Basagulero is a 1992 Filipino action film starring Ronnie Ricketts and Rachel Lobangco. The film is a typical revenge film that became popular during the ‘90s.

Its title alone can tell what the film is all about.

Basagulero Summary

Ricketts played the role of a typical tambay who live in a slum. The land where his and his neighbors’ houses are being targeted by a private company but the owner of the company wants to donate the land to the people.

Chaos ensued when high officials of the company ousted killed the owner leaving his daughter (Rachel Lobangco) no choice but to seek the help of Ricketts. Ricketts and Lobangco will do everything to revenge and protect the land.

Basagulero Cast

Ronnie Ricketts, Rachel Lobangco, Jeena Alvarez, Robert Arevalo, Dindo Arroyo, Ernie David, Manjo del Mundo, Renato Del Prado, Nanding Fernandez, Eric Francisco,
Philip Gamboa, Robert Miller, Oliver Osorio, Dencio Padilla, Dennis Padilla

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