Barumbado Full Movie (1990)

Barumbado is a 2001 Filipino action film starring Robin Padilla and Pinky De Leon. The production houses involved Viva Films in association with Double M Productions along with executive producers Vic Del Rosario Jr. and Benjamin Yalung.

The film is directed by Willy Milan while cinematography and editing are done by Joe Tutanes and Rogelio Salvador, respectively.

Barumbado Movie Plot

In the movie, Robin Padilla plays Eric. Eric is an orphan raised in a tough neighborhood. His early years made him resilient and hard-headed, characteristics that will help him survive the criminal life he was accustomed to.

During his early years, he was cared for by Mona-lisa whom he had an affair with when he grew up. Eric was a fearless drug dealer during this time which earned him many enemies along the way.

Sick and tired of the criminal life, Eric desired change. He seeks a new life far from the harsh realities towards a more caressing life like love. Unknowingly, he fell madly in love with Mona-lisa’s stepdaughter.

Though she is married, he insisted on continuing their relationship in secret. Eventually, her husband caught wind of the affair, outraged, he killed his wife and plans to kill Eric as well. Eric tried to escape but his old enemies came back to settle old scores. Caught between two problems at once, he managed to escape the rage of the husband whilst killing his old enemies.

Barumbado Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Pinky de Leon, Isabel Rivas, Michael De Mesa, Lani Lobangco, Ernie Garcia, Bomber Moran, Romeo Rivera , Val Iglesias, Angelo Ventura, Usman Hassim, Ros Olgado, Edward Luna, Ivan Duval, June Hidalgo, July Hidalgo, Bong Varona    , Pamela Amor , Eric Lorenzo, Lovely Mansueto, Carlos David, Rolan Montes, Archi Adamos, Freddie Ondra, Avel Morado, and many more.

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