Bandido sa Sapang Bato Full Movie (1981)

Bandido sa Sapang Bato is a Filipino action film produced by GPS Film Productions and directed by Pablo Santiago starring Fernando Poe Jr with his leading lady, Marianne de la Riva, and Paquito Diaz as his antagonist.

This was the first movie of Sapang Bato which was first aired as a radio action drama on DZRH. The movie was successful that a sequel entitled Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato was made the next year 1982.

Bandido sa Sapang Bato Movie Plot

FPJ starred as Daniel Bartolo, a well-respected bounty hunter who was feared by many. Santa Monica depicts the usual little barrio setting and is being ruled by a group of men who are stealing and killing people. Their town counselor and the police asked help Daniel Bartolo to save their town and to catch the mastermind and his henchmen, dead or alive.

Daniel Bartolo used to be a bandit but then changed his life and became a bounty hunter when he met his wife, Marissa (Marianne de la Riva). He left his hometown and his wife, who was against Daniel’s job, his son, and his parents for the mission that was entrusted to him by Santa Monica.

He left his family with his horse and was captured by unknown men. He was brought to their base. Their boss, Anselmo Magtanggol (Vic Vargas) knew Daniel Bartolo from way back then and was freed and greeted with respect. Bartolo asked help from Anselmo against Buwaya and his men, saying that he needed Buwaya’s head for Santa Monica. They ambushed one of Buwaya’s bases.

A group of men then went to Daniel’s house where his son, Berto, was killed during a gunfight. His wife blamed him and his job for the death of their son. He was also blamed for stealing the golden crown in their church. His wife was then jailed until Bartolo surrendered himself. Daniel Bartolo realizing that a group of people is going against him, made this mission personal and seek revenge and clear their family’s name with the help of his true friends.

Bandido ng Sapang Bato Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Marianne dela Riva, Paquito Diaz, Rosemarie Gil, Ruel Vernal, Martha Sevilla, Jose Romulo, Victor Bravo, Max Laurel, Robert Rivera, Romy Diaz, Vic Vargas, Hero Bautista, and many more.

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