Bala at Rosaryo Full Movie (1990)

Bala at Rosaryo is a 1990 Filipino action film starring Ramon “Bong” Revilla jr. in the main role. It was directed by Pepe Marcos and produced by Charo Santos-Cancio for the Vision Films. The movie was among the most successful films of Revilla.

Bala at Rosaryo Plot

The film revolves around the life of Armand, a religious person whose life was entangled with the powerful and corrupt politician Edmundo (played by Eddie Garcia).

Bala at Rosaryo Cast

Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr., Eddie Garcia, Kristine Garcia, Efren Reyes Jr., Melissa Mendez, Lito Pimentel, Beverly Vergel, R.R. Herrera, Raul Aragon, Conrad Poe, King Gutierrez, Ester Chavez, Mario Escudero, Mia Gutierrez, Ernie Forte

Watch Bala at Rosaryo Full Movie

We don’t have a full copy of Bala at Rosaryo but you can watch another Bong Revilla full movie below.

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