Bad Boy 2 Full Movie (1992)

Bad Boy 2 Movie is an action film starring Robin Padilla, who reprises his role as Bombo and is the sequel of the 1990 movie Bad Boy. Produced by Viva Films and directed by Bebong Osorio, this blockbuster movie also features Cristina Gonzalez reprising her role as Cecille, Bombo’s wife.

Bad Boy 2 Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, Bombo has just been released after spending 2 years in jail. At the same time, a certain congressman is sent to prison for protecting illegal loggers. But as Bombo tries his best to be a good family man, violence is present in their area.

One day, he and his family were almost killed while caught in the middle of a shooting incident.

The violence comes from a fight between two influential clans, and a female reporter (Monique Wilson) is brave enough to cover their every move. And during the birthday party of Bombo’s daughter, his wife Cecille was killed in a shooting spree.

Later, his daughter and uncle were both killed, too. This triggered Bombo to be a bad boy again.

Bad Boy 2 Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Cristina Gonzales, Dennis Padilla, Vic Vargas, Monique Wilson, Johnny Wilson, Carlos Padilla Jr, Jaime Garchitorena, Queenie Padilla, Dick Israel, Rommel Padilla, Jordan Castillo, Zandro Zamora, Bomber Moran, Jose Romulo, June Hidalgo, July Hidalgo, and many more.

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