Ayaw Matulog Ng Gabi Full Movie (1990)

Ayaw Matulog Ng Gabi is a heavy drama action film starring Rudy Fernandez and Lorna Tolentino (Rudy’s wife in real life).

Produced by Golden Lions Productions and directed by Carlo J Caparas, this blockbuster Rudy-Lorna movie was based on the story by Carlo J Caparas, serialized in Pilipino Komiks, and earned a FAMAS Best Supporting Actor award nomination for Eddie Rodriguez.

Ayaw Matulog Ng Gabi Movie Plot

In this movie, Danilo (Rudy Fernandez) has been looking for his fiancee Natalia (Lorna Tolentino), who was abducted at their wedding and was raped by four men.

Afterward, they forced her to take drugs and were sold for white slavery. One night, Danilo found Natalia working as a sexy dancer in a club. However, the bouncers beat him and he was not able to rescue her.

Danilo then hired a notorious criminal named Adjong (Bomber Moran) to help him find her, and the search was dubbed Operation: Natalia. In the process, they fought against gangsters and syndicates involved in drugs and prostitution. But later, Danilo learned that a powerful politician is now ‘holding’ Natalia.

Will he still be able to rescue her? From start to finish, this movie will prove to you that there are still men who are willing to kill and die for the woman he loves.

Ayaw Matulog Ng Gabi Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Lorna Tolentino, Eddie Rodriguez, Michael De Mesa, Chanda Romero, Rez Cortez, Bomber Moran, Dick Israel, Val Iglesias, Rudy Meyer, Joey Padilla, Danny Labra, Bella Flores, Naty Santiago, and many more.

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