Askal Full Movie (1997)

Askal, a Philippine action-drama film is written, produced, and directed by John Regala. As with other John Regala movies, he is in the lead role in this movie too. John probably feels that he is the best person to portray his stories, but the visual stunts played by him in his movies are amazing.

Askal is a metaphor for Asong-Kalye, which means Sreet Dogs in the Philippines. The metaphor has been referred to as the street children in the country in the movie. As a matter of fact, these children pass their lives in extreme poverty, sometimes even dying without food and other basic amenities for life, just like a street dog.

Askal Movie Plot

John Regala acts as an Askal who had had an extremely hard and poor life as a child. When he grows up, he wants to eradicate poverty and the suffering of the unfortunate street kids. In fact, he (Askal) is ready to fight with anything that comes in his path to make street children’s lives better.

Askal’s (John Regala’s) determination to stop spreading Askals creates numerous issues for the criminals. Not only their source of cheap workers and slaves is diminished but their backbone of the criminal network is also destroyed due to Askal’s initiatives.

As Askal (Regala) carries out his initiatives, he gradually starts to destroy all crimes and hooliganism from the root. That is why, it is natural that the criminals and unscrupulous gangs try to contain Askal, even if he has to be killed in the process.

Rest is a battle of a victorious hero against all odds.

Askal Movie Cast

John Regala, Beth Tamayo, Mikee Villanueva, Mat Ranillo III, Dick Israel, Levi Ignacio, Bob Soler, Bong Francisco, Wex Milan, Arsenio Bhoy Agpoon, Bobby Henson, Solita Carreon, Jun Aristorenas, William Martinez, Nonong de Andres and MORE.

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