Anghel Dela Guardia Full Movie (2000)

Anghel Dela Guardia is a 2000 Philippine action-horror film starring Jeric Raval, Isabel Granada, and Jimwell Stevens. It was written by Wilmer P. Cruz and William Mayo and was directed by the latter.

Angel Dela Guardia was produced and distributed by Regal Films

Anghel Dela Guardia Plot Summary

The prophecy of the birth of the son of Satan would be realized by Theresa. Lucifer sent forth Uriel, Zadkiel, and Samuel to see that nothing came in the way of birth. At the same time, Theresa was protected by her guardian angel, Gabriel.

Having fallen in love with Theresa, the mortal, Gabriel lost his angelic power to fight the demons. It’s only through faith and true love that Gabriel eventually won the battle.

Anghel Dela Guardia Cast

Jeric Raval, Isabel Granada, Jimwell Stevens, Brando Legaspi, Mon Confiado, Vhong Navarro, Derek Dee, Alex Bolado, Boy Pineda, Pamela Ortiz, Karen McGeachy, Jim Genora

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