Ang Padrino Full Movie (1984)

Ang Padrino is a drama-action movie starring Fernando Poe Jr as Emong Sanchez; a former member of a syndicate who now acts as a kind godfather to the helpless and the needy and is highly respected in their area.

Produced by FPJ Productions and directed by FPJ himself (as Ronwaldo Reyes), this classic FPJ movie won Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Director at the 1985 FAMAS Awards.

Ang Padrino Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, an unnamed hired killer (Rey Langit) went to Emong’s neighborhood and pretended to be an electrician. He killed an entire family so he can use their place as a nice spot to kill Emong. When he had a chance, he shot Emong in the face. Later, people attended the wake of Emong in their home. This was when a flashback of his life was shown.

Emong has a wife Chayong (Connie Reyes) and a younger brother Tony (Zandro Zamora). Known for wearing an all-white attire, Emong helps other people, while Chayong manages their passenger jeep business. Aside from his kindness, Emong is also tough when it comes to fighting and guns. It was later revealed that Emong is still alive and only lost his right eye. He now finds his supposed killer, who was hired to assassinate him because he already wants to leave the syndicate.

Ang Padrino Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Coney Reyes, Rey Langit, Fred Montilla, Johnny Delgado, Lito Anzures, Ruel Vernal, Lucita Soriano, Zandro Zamora, Rez Cortez, Ricky Davao, Allan Bautista, Alex Leviste, Amay Bisaya, Gigi de la Riva, Max Alvarado, Joaquin Fajardo, King Gutierrez, Cesar Montano, Eddie Samonte, Larry Silva, and many more.

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