Ang Misyon: A Marawi Siege Story Full Movie (2018)

Ang Misyon: A Marawi Siege Story is a Filipino film that offers a socio-political narrative that features the past tragic events in Marawi, one of the Philippines’ largest Muslim-inhabited cities located on the island of Mindanao.

The film, directed by Ceasar Soriano and produced by Dave Cecilio, was released last May 2018. It has already been seven months after the 153-day war ended in October of the previous year.

Ang Misyon: A Marawi Siege Story Movie Plot

Highlights of the movie are found revolving around the main character, Sajid Tumawil. He is a registered nurse and a devout believer of Islam whose persona is played by Martin Escudero. In the film, he is caught between the call of duty as a civil servant and the yearning to retaliate as someone who was made an orphan.

As the region has been strife-stricken for a while, the government’s apparent response is to counter the attacks by the Maute group with the critical military force in an effort to pacify the city. His father, having been connected to the radicalized group, was one of the casualties of this ongoing clash.

As he goes on with his day-to-day routine of helping the oppressed in his neighborhood, he also manages to proceed with his plan of vengeance. Later in the movie, it is revealed that Sajid has a bipolar personality. This leads to him being involved with the vicious undertakings of the extremist assembly.

Ang Misyon: A Marawi Siege Story Movie Cast

Martin Escudero, Rez Cortez, Lou Veloso, Jordan Castillo, Tanya Gomez, Darius Razon, China Roces, Juan Miguel Soriano, Jack Falcis, Bong Russo, Ceasar Soriano, Al Flores, John Michael Wagnon, Mia Mendiola, Chamberlaine Uy

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