Ang Maestro Full Movie (1981)

Ang Maestro Movie stars Fernando Poe Jr, Chat Silayan, and Romy Diaz as the main villain. Story by Carlo J Caparas, produced by FPJ Productions and directed by FPJ himself (Ronwaldo Reyes), this blockbuster FPJ movie has a set up during the era where duels are common to settle who the best is.

It received a Best Actor nomination for Fernando Poe Jr and a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Romy Diaz in the 1982 FAMAS Awards.

Ang Maestro Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, FPJ plays Hernan de Zuniga, a son of a good friend of three masters (one in knives, one in pistols, and one in fencing). His father was killed when he was young. Hernan then went to them and they taught him how to use their weapons until he grows up and became good.

On the other hand, Romy Diaz plays Ignacio de la Vega. Being a son of rich Don Roque (Nello Nayo), the master of fencing was hired to teach de la Vega. However, he did not know that the master was also teaching Hernan.

As adults, de la Vega became violent and wanted to be the best swordsman (eskrimador) in town while de Zuniga is humble and is looking for his young sister Carmen who was kidnapped. During his journey, de Zuniga met Amanda (Chat Silayan), a petty thief whom he protected against another thief, and later from de la Vega. He eventually learned that it was de la Vega’s father who kidnapped Carmen. In the end, Hernan and Ignacio will face each other in a bloody duel.

Ang Maestro Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Chat Silayan, Romy Diaz, Paquito Diaz, Jose Romulo, Mario Escudero, Bert Olivar, Max Laurel, Nello Nayo, Ruben Ramos, Don Pepot, Lorie Mumar, Carlos De Leon, Michael Pigar and many more.

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