Ang Alamat Ng Lawin Full Movie (2002)

Ang Alamat Ng Lawin is a Filipino action film directed and starring by Fernando Poe Jr. Ronwaldo Reyes (FPJ’s pen name) is credited as director. The film is second to the last movie of Poe two years before he died.

Ang Alamat Ng Lawin Movie Summary

A group of three boys and a girl come in for an unexpected sojourn to a strange neverland, zapped by some mysterious force where they come face to face with an adventure of a lifetime. Stumbling upon magical powers they soon after cross paths with the legendary warrior, Lawin.

The strange neverland’s last hope of survival against the evil armies of Draka. As the netherworld configuration of violence and destruction down upon them, it likewise becomes clear.

The only choice they have is for the kids to hook up with Lawin for the final battle for Neverland.

Ang Alamat Ng Lawin Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr., Ina Raymundo, Cathy Villar, Khen Kurllo, Ryan Yamazaki, Franklin Cristobal, Augusto Victa, Romy Diaz, William Romero, Alex Cunanan, Zernan Manahan, Tom Alvarez, Joe Estrada, Rey Valenzuela, Gary Silva, Jun Milan, Bobby Reyes, Maritess Delfino, Thunder Stuntmen, Alas Stuntmen, Perdiz Stuntmen, Bobby Reyes Stuntmen, Sharmaine Arnaiz,

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