Anak Ng Cabron Full Movie (1988)

Anak Ng Cabron is a Filipino action film starring Ace Vergel as the lead role Donato Rios and Vivian Foz the lead actress.

This is Ace Vergel’s thirty-fifth movie since he began filming in 1959 as a very young 6-year-old actor. This movie is directed by Willy Milan in 1988. Supported by other Filipino veteran actors such as Perla Bautista, Mark Gil, Dick Israel, and Charlie Davao.

Anak Ng Cabron Movie Plot

The movie is a depiction of two different lives, the rich and the poor. In the movie, Donato Rios (Ace Vergel) who has raised all his life in a God-forsaken poor slump area, amidst ill-mannered men, grew to become one of them. A man cursed by society for his misbehavior and criminal ways.

He then fell in love with a rich doctor portrayed by Vivian Foz but did not receive the same affection. He tried to persuade her into loving him in return but failed to because of what his past and present character bring. He failed every single time he tried to win her heart.

In desperation, he raped her and got her pregnant which set her feelings for him even further. This criminal act let her confront him for revenge together with a mob of angry folks. The confrontation led to a bloody tragedy ending the life of Donato Rios.

Anak Ng Cabron Movie Cast

Ace Vergel,Vivian Foz, Mark Gil, Ruel Vernal, Juan Rodrigo, Charlie Davao, Rosemari Gil, Perla Butista, Tom Olivar, Dick Israel, Johnny Wilson and many more.

Anak Ng Cabron Full Movie

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