Alyas Waway Full Movie (1993)

Alyas Waway Movie stars Cesar Montano as Leonardo “Waway” delos Reyes, a notorious cop killer and was declared as Manila’s Public Enemy No. 1 during the late 60s until he was killed in the late 70s.

Produced by Moviestars Production and directed by Toto Natividad, this Waway life story film earned Best Actor nominations for Cesar Montano at the 1994 FAMAS Awards and 1994 Gawad Urian Awards.

Alyas Waway Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Leonardo Delos Reyes alias Waway or Nards is living in a squatters area in Manila with his father (Ray Ventura) and younger sisters Celia (Jobelle Salvador) and Andrea (Bunny Paras). Waway has a good friend Tasan (Joel Torre) and both of them are laborers. He also has a girlfriend Jeanette (Cristina Gonzales) who is working as a club dancer. One night, a street group of goons burned their house, and he wants revenge.

Shortly before Waway attacked the group, its leader Roger Taba (Roldan Aquino) stabbed to death a Meralco collector. Before the police came, the group escaped and Waway was holding the murder weapon and became the suspect. During the interrogation, cops led by Kabo Bello (Bembol Roco) tortured him. They also beat his father, so he decided to admit the crime he did not commit, and he was jail at Davao Penal Colony.

A few months later, Nards escaped from jail and went back to Manila and killed the goons and policemen who tortured him. Delos Reyes was dubbed Alias Waway because of his style in the killing, and he attracted attention from police reporter Ruther Batuigas (Tommy Abuel). Batuigas facilitated Waway’s surrender when the latter held a family hostage. Later, Waway was killed by cops led by Captain Llamas (Jun Aristorenas).


Based on police records, Leonardo Delos Reyes alias Waway has killed 37 people and he was killed on December 10, 1977, by a group of policemen led by then-Manila Police detective Sgt. Juanito Lagasca.

Alyas Waway Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Jun Aristorenas, Cristina Gonzales, Bembol Roco, Joel Torre, Tommy Abuel, Jobelle Salvador, Bunny Paras, Roldan Aquino, Jessie Delgado, Ray Ventura, Edwin Reyes, Manjo del Mundo, Fred Moro, Rene Hawkins, Johnny Vicar, Ernie Zarate, Telly Babasa, Cris Daluz, Janus del Prado, Robert Miller, Josie Tagle and many more.

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