Alas Dose Full Movie (2001)

Alas Dose Movie stars Cesar Montano and Christopher De Leon as mortal enemies, with Boyet de Leon being the main villain.

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Augusto Salvador, this Cesar Montano-Christopher De Leon suspense action-packed movie earned a FAMAS Award Best Director nomination for Augusto Salvador.

Alas Dose Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Cesar Montano plays Bomb Squad member Lt Titus Varona and Christopher De Leon as Remo Doce, a bomb terrorist. The movie starts with Titus killing a syndicate member (Ace Espinosa) while the latter tried to do a business transaction with another syndicate member Zaballero (Rommel Montano).

Shortly, he and his team were able to save a controversial congressman (Rico J. Puno) from a ticking bomb.

On the other hand, Sunshine Cruz plays May Vergara, a journalist, a single mother to young son Bryan (Issah Alcadra), and a daughter of BuCor Chief Gen.

Rodrigo Banares (Von Vivar). Later, Titus learned that Remo is a protégé of Carlos Alejo (Behn Cervantes), an activist and a notorious bomber who is serving a sentence at the Maximum Security Prison. One day, Doce kidnaps Bryan and Titus will face Remo.

Alas Dose Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Christopher De Leon, Sunshine Cruz, Behn Cervantes, Patricia Javier, Bon Vibar, Dick Israel, Rommel Montano, Rico J. Puno, Jackie Castillejo, Minco Fabregas, Alvin J. Bernales, Jerry Mongcal, Rico Miguel, Jun Collao, Jerry Lopez, Issah Alcadra, Mel Kimura, Leechard Sicangco, Ace Espinosa (Special Participation), and many more.

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