Akyat Bahay Gang Full Movie (1988)

Akyat Bahay Gang (1988) is a Filipino action drama movie directed by Efren C. Piñon and was released in April 1988 under Falcon Films production.

The movie was led by Lito Lapid who is a well-known action star in the Philippines (who is now a senator). The movie revolves around the life of Carding (Lito Lapid) as he tries to escape poverty by joining a group of infamous house burglars.

Akyat Bahay Gang Movie Plot

Carding (Lito Lapid) is working as an acrobat with his girlfriend Liza (Angela Perez) in a carnival. Liza mentioned her ambition to progress in life so Carding decided to open a small business in hopes of earning extra.

Two unknown men visited his shop and sell him a TV, Carding then sold it to someone else until one evening policemen arrested him for selling a stolen TV and he was accused of stealing and killing the owner.

While in prison, an inmate named Rufing (Zandro Zamora) tried to recruit him in the gang to steal and sell properties. He decided to join the gang so he could earn big. As his gang became notorious because of their crimes, he accidentally met Liza and heard about her boyfriend’s illegalities in the bank where he is working.

Liza asked Carding to steal in the bank and made a deal with the gang. This mission will lead his gang to an incident that will pay for their bad decisions in life.

Akyat Bahay Gang Movie Cast

Lito Lapid, Jean Saburit, Angela Perez, Paquito Diaz, Zandro Zamora, Dick Israel, Lito Gruet, Chuck Perez, Joe Andrade, Bernard Atienza, Perry Baltazar, Alex Bolado, Jojo Bolado, Eric Francisco, Rudy Meyer, Leo Padilla, Crystal Piñon, Rusty Santos, Tugak, Sonny Valencia

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