Akin ang Labang Ito Full Movie

Akin ang Labang Ito is a 2000 Philippine action film written and directed by Baldo Marro. The film stars Ace Espinosa, Ynez Veneracion, and Eddie Gutierrez in leading roles. It was produced and released by ATB-4 Films.

Akin ang Labang Ito Plot Summary

For 20 years, Dario has sought revenge for his father’s assassination and found his missing brother who was abducted by the same killers. One day, Dario lands a job that will be the key to unfolding the truth about him and his family.

Akin ang Labang Ito Cast

Ace Espinosa, Ynez Veneracion, Eddie Gutierrez, Sylvia Sanchez, Bob Soler, Ramon Christopher, Edgar Mande, Romy Diaz, Berting Labra, Rhey Roldan, Brian Furlow

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