Akin ang Iyong Katawan Full Movie (1984)

Akin ang Iyong Katawan is a 1984 Philippine drama film written by Jose Javier Reyes and directed by Lino Brocka.

Produced and released by Golden Dragon Films, the film stars Christopher De Leon, Dennis Roldan, Maria Isabel Lopez, and Carmi Martin in main roles.

Akin ang Iyong Katawan Plot

Susan is a popular actress who left the entertainment industry after marrying the rich Anton. Anton is a troubled husband who is jealous despite Susan being faithful as a wife. Meanwhile, Anton is having an affair with Shirley.

Susan, being a battered wife and always confined inside her own house became bored and befriended her new neighbor Danny.

Will her association with Danny create a problem with her husband? Will her husband give her importance?

Akin ang Iyong Katawan Cast

Dennis Roldan, Carmi Martin, Christopher De Leon, Maria Isabel Lopez, Rosemarie Gil, Tessie Tomas

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