Across the Crescent Moon Full Movie (2017)

Across the Crescent Moon is a 2017 Philippine action drama film written and directed by Baby Nebrida. The film stars Matteo Guidicelli, Alex Godinez, and Dina Bonnevie in the leading roles. It was produced by Gold Barn Media International and distributed by Silverline Multimedia.

Across the Crescent Moon Movie Plot

A Muslim SAF agent who is married to a Catholic girl has to struggle to be accepted by his wife’s parents and to live by his oath and culture. The film tackles human trafficking, drug smuggling, interfaith relationship, and true-to-life encounters of modern-day slavery.

Across the Crescent Moon Movie Cast

Matteo Guidicelli, Alex Godinez, Dina Bonnevie, Gabby Concepcion, Christopher De Leon, Joem Bascon, Sandy Andolong, Ivan Carapiet, Jackie Aquino

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