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10000 Hours movie is an action movie starring Robin Padilla as a Philippine senator. And although it is not a true-to-life story, it was inspired by the controversial flight of Senator Panfilo Lacson in 2010.

10000 HoursProduced by N2 Pictures and Philippine Film Studios and distributed by Viva Films and directed by Joyce Bernal, this Robin Padilla movie is an official entry to the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival.

10000 Hours Movie Plot

In this movie, Robin Padilla plays Senator Gabriel Molino Alcaraz and is a leading potential candidate in the 2004 presidential elections. In 2010, while preparing his speech implicating President Genoviva Obrero in corruption, his friend NBI director San Juan, was assassinated while trying to warn him of a plan to arrest him.

While inside the Senate complex, Alcaraz managed to escape from his arresting officers and secretly left the country with the help of TV reporter Maya Limchauco (Bela Padilla) and an associate of San Juan. The film won several major awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Original Story, Best Supporting Actor (Pen Medina), and Best Actor and Film Actor for the Year award for Robin.

10000 Hours Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Michael de Mesa, Bela Padilla, Mylene Dizon, Pen Medina, Alden Richards, Bibeth Orteza, Carla Humphries, Cholo Barretto, and many more.

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