Silong Full Movie (2015)

Silong is a 2015 Philippine mystery-drama film directed by Jeffrey Hidalgo and Roy Sevilla Ho. It stars Piolo Pascual, Rhian Ramos, and Guji Lorenzana in the leading roles.

The film was produced by SQ Film Laboratories and Black Maria Pictures and was written by Roy Sevilla Ho.

Silong Plot

Doctor Miguel Cascarro (Pascual) is still mourning the death of his wife Caroline (Jacob) while he scrambles to save his family home from creditors.

As he drives home one day, he finds a badly beaten and bloody Valerie (Ramos) on a deserted country road and takes her home to nurse her back to health.

Silong Cast

Piolo Pascual, Rhian Ramos, Guji Lorenzana, Angel Jacob, Raymund Concepcion, Richard Manabat, Arnee Hidalgo, Sam Shoaf

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