Indak Full Movie (2019)

Indak is a Filipino dance musical film released in 2019 and features Nadine Lustre and Sam Concepcion in leading roles. It focuses on the world of international competitive street dancing.

Produced by Viva Films, the movie serves as the first feature-length film by director Paul Alexei Basinillo. Before directing the film, he helmed television commercials and music videos for local artists.

Indak Movie Plot

Nadine Lustre plays Jen, a Cebu native working as a tour guide in Bantayan Island. Although she loves to dance, she only performs when no one’s watching because of a traumatic childhood experience.

One day, while dancing by herself on a boat, a group of tourists spots her and records her performance. Her video goes viral and catches the attention of Vin, played by Sam Concepcion.

Vin is the leader of Indak Pinas, a dance group that’s preparing to compete in South Korea. Believing she would be a great addition to the group, Vin recruits Jen. Although she was hesitant at first, Jen’s mother (Yayo Aguila) encourages her to join the group.

With the help of Vin, Jen overcomes her personal issues and the challenges that come with joining Indak Pinas. The two eventually develop a romantic connection as the group encounters various issues on their road to South Korea.

Indak Movie Cast

Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion, Julian Trono, Vitto Marquez, Yayo Aguila, Andrew Muhlach, Abby Bautista, Mayton Eugenio, Nicole Omillo, Rose Van Ginkel, Aubrey Caraan, Kedebon Colim, Arvic James Tan, Phoebe Villamor, Anykka Asistio, Zarah Tolentino, Christian Morones, Nathalie Alvarez, Keiko Nakajima, AJ Raval, Stacey Gabriel, Karencitta, Race Matias, G-Force and many more.

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