Mystified Full Movie (2019)

Mystified is a 2019 Filipino fantasy film by directed Mark Reyes of the hit TV series Encantadia. Mystified is the first Filipino original film on movie streaming site iFlix. Tara Illenberger edited the film. It is produced by Sanggre Productions Inc.

Mystified Movie Plot

Mystified features the story of a coven of witches that practices magic and salamancas including Adela (Sunshine Dizon), Althea (Iza Calzado), Helena (Karylle), and Kathalina (Diana Zubiri).

Each of the enchanting sorceresses bears otherworldly superpowers including mind-reading, telekinesis, alchemy and healing potions, time travel, flying, and the power to control the elements.

They are known as the Coven of Four and guided by a council of older witches led by Yang Ob (Dwight Gaston) and Devana (Cheska Iñigo).

Personal issues and bitter strife cause the four to part ways. They spend hundreds of years living in the mortal world where nobody believes in magic anymore.

In the modern world, they assume ordinary identities and professions — Thea becomes a doctor, Addie is a college professor, Ena is a famous vlogger and social media influencer, while Kat is a successful events planner.

Soon enough, they encounter Hellga (Sunshine Dizon), a villainess that is hell-bent on destroying all magical beings and reviving the evil lord Luvictus. The four witches reunite and fight alongside each other to stop Hellga’s scheme of world domination

Mystified Movie Cast

Former Encantadia actresses Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, Diana Zubiri, and Karylle are the main protagonists. The film also stars Sunshine Cruz, Mostafa Elezali, Cheska, Ian Ignacio, Jinri Park, Leigh Guda, Caprice Cayetano, Ashley Sarmiento, Jana Victoria,  Matthias Rhoads, Vince Vandorpe and many more.

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