Masla A Papanok Full Movie (2018)

Masla A Papanok is a 2018 Filipino drama fantasy film directed by Gutierrez Mangansakan II and written by Lav Diaz. The film stars Krigi Hager, Quennie Lyne Demoral, and Ameir Arsad Hassan in the leading roles. It was produced by QCinema and Reckless Natarajan Pictures.

Masla A Papanok Movie Plot

A princess seeks refuge in a Convent to escape an arranged marriage. A young prince tries to make sense of his station. A giant bird mysteriously appears after centuries of absence. MASLA A PAPANOK (AVE) mixes history, myth, memory, and magic to reimagine the Spanish colonial period in Mindanao like never before.

Masla A Papanok Movie Cast

Krigi Hager, Quennie Lyne Demoral, Ameir Arsad Hassan, Glorypearl Dy, Adnan Zaid Juanday, Mayka B. Lintongan, Alaska OrdoƱa, Haidie Sangkad, Cloyd Winstanley,Valeriano Weyler

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