Fantastica Full Movie (2018)

Fantastica is a Filipino fantasy comedy released on December 25th, 2018. It featured an ensemble cast including Vice Ganda, Richard Gutierrez, Dingdong Dantes, Bela Padilla, and Jaclyn Jose.

It was produced by Star Cinema and directed by Barry Gonzalez. The film met with mixed reviews was an entry into the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival. It was the last film of comedian Chokoleit who died on March 9, 2019.

Fantastica Plot

Belat (Vice Ganda) is the proprietor of Perya Wurtzbach, a struggling carnival on the verge of bankruptcy. He lives with his mother Fec (Jaclyn Jose) and three adopted brothers, Daks, Pepe, and Junjun played by Ronnie Alonte, Edward Barber, and Donny Pangilinan respectively.

They are under the threat of eviction from their beloved home by Dong Nam’s (Dingdong Dantes) family due to their inability to pay their debts. With the help of his friends Chakalyn Jose (Lassy) and Chubblyn Jose (MC Calaquian) Belat puts on small performances in an effort to save the carnival but they all prove futile.

Hope shines a little when Belat meets Richard Gutierrez who plays Prince Pryce. The prince promises to help him rebuild his carnival if he helps him find the lost princesses of the magical Fantastica land. Will Belat agree? Will they be able to find the princesses? Will he save his carnival?

Fantastica Cast

Vice Ganda, Richard Gutierrez, Dingdong Dantes, Bela Padilla, Jaclyn Jose, Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Loisa Andalia, Ronnie Alonte, Kisses Delavin, Donny Pangilinan, Ryan Bang, Chokoleit, Johnny Revilla, MC Calaquian, Lassy, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Angelika Mapanganib, Matmat Centino, Joko Diaz, Jackie Gonzaga, Greg Hawkins, Wacky Kiray, Negi, Cj Perez, Ion Perez and Marian Rivera.

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