Engkanto Full Movie (1992)

Engkanto is a Filipino fantasy film released in 1992 that stars Janice de Belen and Francis Magalona, otherwise known as rapper Francis M. Helming the director’s seat is Tata Esteban, known for his previous hit films “Alapaap” (1984), “Materyales Fuertes” (1986) and “Diwata” (1987).

Engkanto was produced by Double M Films and was a part of the 1992 Metro Manila Film Festival, for which it won 3rd place in the Best Film category.

Engkanto Movie Plot

The movie begins with the engkanto Yorac, played by Roderick Paulate, who is enraged that mortal men are cutting down his fellow trees and destroying his home of Maribuhok. Meanwhile, the elderly Uban (Francis Magalona) and his tribe are engrossed in a ritual wherein he impregnates a woman and afterward regains his youth. The baby is born instantly, becoming the first-ever natural birth in Maribuhok.

Twenty-one years later, the child grows up in the city to be Karina, a doctor with a love for animals and the environment. She is engaged to Carlo, an engineer who is the head of a mining project in Maribuhok that is destroying the environment, earning him the wrath of Yorac and his tribe.

Uban is now a rap star touring the country, performing songs like “Engkanto” that try to preach saving the environment. Karina and Carlo find themselves lost in the forest as Karina begins to remember who she really is. Karina wanders off and Carlo tries to reunite with her, all the while avoiding the vengeful engkantos.

Engkanto Movie Cast

Janice de Belen, Roderick Paulate, Francis Magalona, Raul Zaragosa, Cita Astals, Maila Gumila, Lorretto Franco Ybanez III, Apple Pie Bautista, Tanya Gomez, Susan Lozada, Evelyn Vargas, and featuring Robin Padilla as the Matador and Vilma Santos as Inang Kalikasan

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