Darna Ang Pagbabalik Full Movie (1994)

Darna Ang Pagbabalik Movie stars Anjanette Abayari as Darna and Narda.

Created by Mars Ravelo, this is the fourteenth and last Darna movie (so far) is produced by Viva Films and directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes, and earned a FAMAS Award Best Child Actor nomination for Lester Llansang, who played the role of Ding, Darna’s sidekick.

Darna Ang Pagbabalik Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with the eruption of the volcano (assumedly Mt. Pinatubo) and mudflows through a village where Narda (Anjanette Abayari) and her family live. And while the villages were busy preparing to live, Darna is fighting against goons and illegal loggers in their area.

When she went back to their village as Narda, Valentine (Cherie Gil) beat her and stole the powerful stone that can transform her into Darna.

Helpless and homeless, Narda, her younger brother Ding (Lester Llansang), and their grandmother (Perla Bautista) moved to Manila and lived in a squatter area with a help of Pol (Rustom Padilla). Narda also somehow became crazy. Meanwhile, Valentine is the daughter of Valentina (Pilita Corrales), Darna’s mortal enemy, and is hiding as wealthy evangelist Dr. Adan, who keeps on attracting followers via her TV show.

With the help of Ding, Narda was able to get her magical stone back and became Darna again. Later, Narda became a volunteer in their village and met Max Zablan (Edu Manzano), a cop who is running after Magnum Lester (Bong Alvarez), a notorious bank robber. And although Darna easily beats him, how can she beat Valentine and Valentina who both have snakes in their hairs as their power?

Darna Ang Pagbabalik Movie Cast

Anjanette Abayari, Edu Manzano, Cherie Gil, Pilita Corrales, Rustom Padilla (now Bb Gandanghari, Bong Alvarez, Lester Llansang, Perla Bautista, Ai-Ai de las Alas, Eva Ramos, Pen Medina, Jemanine Campanilla, Romy Romulo, Jon Achaval, Dwight Gaston, Jinky Laurel, Chiqui Xeres Burgos, Bong Regala, Noel Carpio, Mel Kimura, Justine Dee, Elsa De Venecia and many more.

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