Darna and the Giants Full Movie (1974)

Darna and the Giants Movie stars Vilma Santos as Darna and Narda, who will not fight several giants but also planet women. Created by Mars Ravelo, this second Vilma Santos Darna movie is produced by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions and directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza and guest director, Leody M. Diaz.

Darna and the Giants Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Darna beat a group of robbers. And just like Vilma’s Darna films, Narda is living with her grandmother (Katy de la Cruz) and her younger brother Ding (Dondon Nakar), who is the only one who knows that she is Darna. Narda has an avid suitor Romy (Romeo Miranda), but she decided to decline him because of her responsibilities as a superhero.

One night, they saw a UFO (unidentified flying object) in the sky. A few days later, a series of earthquakes occurred and there were rumors that they were caused by giants. Shortly, there were several alien invaders and planet women whom Darna has to face. But aside from that, X-3-X (Helen Gamboa) has injected a syrup into several villagers who later became giants and Darna has to stop them from killing innocent people.

Darna and the Giants Movie Cast

Vilma Santos, Divina Valencia, Helen Gamboa, Rossana Marquez, Loretta Marquez, Desiree Destreza, Florence Aguilar, Romeo Miranda, Gloria Romero, Ike Lozada, Pepito Rodriguez, Cesar Ramirez, Zandro Zamora, Max Alvarado, Katy de la Cruz, Dondon Nakar, Renato Robles,Danny Rojo, Protacio Dee, Cris Cruz, Elizabeth Vaughn, Karina Zawalsky, Anita Lincoln, Cristy Soriano, Karlo Vero, Dave Esguerra, Robert Miller, Bong Barredo, Lorna Locsin, Ricky Valencia, Jing Caparas, Pol Ramos, Beth Bernal, Johnny Tania, Emil Arca, Kiti-Kiti, Romy Luartes, Ernie David, Jimmy Reyes, Lito Francisco, Glenn Bautista, Kent Gonzales, SOS Daredevils, Thunder Stuntmen, Ben David, Greg Lozano, Edgar Mortiz, Leopoldo Salcedo and many more.

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