Tumbang Preso Full Movie (2014)

Tumbang preso is a Filipino documentary film written and directed by Joey De Guzman. The film was released internationally in Canada and New Zealand on March 7, 2014

Film awards: Won, Best Documentary, Living Skies Student Film Festival 2014.

Tumbang Preso Plot Summary

Clarence shares his and his friends’ aspirations as they play their favorite game tumbang preso – a game of arrests and escapes where each player’s life chances depend on the toppling of a tin can watched by a ‘tag’ who plays guard.

Tumbang Preso Cast

Shamaine Buencamino, Kean Cipriano, Kokoy De Santos, Jaclyn Jose, Ronnie Lazaro, Therese Malvar, Ronwaldo Martin, Star Orjaliza, Dominic Roco, Kerbie Zamora

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