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Piding is a 2016 Philippine fantasy documentary film directed by D.S. Chun, Gym Lumbera, and Paolo Picones. The film stars Spanky Manikan, Matthew Zaldarriaga, and Andrei Sarmiento.

Piding was produced and distributed in collaboration with Cinema One Originals, The Japan Foundation, and Alab Media.

Piding Storyline

Once upon a time, you were born. In the Philippines, there was no science education when you were a child. When they began to offer it in your adulthood, you leaped at the chance and studied harder than everyone else. You learned of kingdoms and species and genes and atoms.

Science helped you to see the bigger world beyond. You studied so well, an American university paid you to keep studying with them, so you left.

You gained mastery over the evolution of birds there, but you missed home the whole time. You lost your first wife and son to Science. So with a degree in hand, you went back to your people.

You found that they had burned their forests, and had exploded their seas. So you gave a new bird to your people; because, now you knew how to use it to save them.

This was the Piding. And the rest is the story of Oliver Carlos.

Piding Movie Cast

Spanky Manikan, Matthew Zaldarriaga, Andrei Sarmiento, Marilyn Orozo, Gel Miranda, Onofre Mang Bal Bucao, Albery Guimayen, Shireen Seno, Richard De Guzman, Concepcion Agudera

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