Pag-ukit Sa Paniniwala Full Movie (2018)

Pag-ukit sa Paniniwala is a 2018 Philippine documentary film by Hiyas Baldemor Bagabaldo about the sculptor who makes wooden statues of Jesus Christ and other religious statues. The film was produced by QCinema and Turumpo Productions.

Pag-ukit Sa Paniniwala Movie Plot

A sculpture believed to have been imported in town during the Spanish colonial conquest, locally known as “Mahal na Señor Sepulcro” (Holy Sepulchre), is celebrating its 500 years. Meanwhile, composed of non-actors, Senakulo re-enacts the sufferings and death of Jesus.

As the local community yearly unites to commemorate the Passion of Christ, a laborious journey unfolds following local craftsmen in transforming blocks of wood into a larger-than-life Jesus crucified on a 12-ft cross. The film is a 5-year visual ethnography of traditional yet practical orchestration of Semana Santa in a small town where religious woodcarving is the livelihood.

An experiential film on neocolonial Philippines’ interpretation of Saints and Gods through many forms of rituals and iconography, exposing wood as the raw material that undergoes production processes before becoming a spiritual object of devotion.

Pag-ukit Sa Paniniwala Movie Cast

Hiyas Baldemor

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