Melodrama/Random/Melbourne Full Movie (2018)

Melodrama/Random/Melbourne is an Australian feature film about a young feminist filmmaker documenting the men’s rights movement and seduction community pickup artist (PUA) movement.

The film is part two of Matthew Victor Pastor’s Fil-Aus trilogy and deals with Asian-Australian identity politics. It had its Australian premiere at the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival and its Philippine premiere at the 2018 Sinag Maynila Film Festival.

In 2019 the film’s soundtrack was nominated for the 67th edition of the FAMAS Award (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Award) for composer Fergus Cronkite.

Melodrama/Random/Melbourne Plot

A pickup artist’s, a feminist documentarian’s, and a virgin’s lives collide. Aries Santos is struggling to complete her new film. Her subjects are men’s rights activists. Meanwhile, a sex worker named Melody works at night. Blood is shed.

Presented in Glorious Cinema – O – Ke. A feminist documentarian, a pickup artist, and a virgin’s lives collide. Blood will be shed on the neon-lit streets of Melbourne.

Melodrama/Random/Melbourne Cast

Matthew Victor Pastor, Celina Yuen, Bridget O’Brien, Rachel Javier, Khoa Le, Matt Furlani, Vlady T, Gregory Pakis, Kristen Condon, Elliot Ng, Charlie Dao, Louise Bremner, Aston Elliot, Jarrod Mayne

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