Curiosity, Adventure & Love Full Movie (2016)

Curiosity, Adventure & Love is a 2016 documentary film written by Sunshine Lichauco De Leon and Justin Weinrich.

The film was produced under Tamed Rosed Productions and was directed by Sunshine Lichauco De Leon and Suzanne Richiardone.

Curiosity, Adventure & Love Storyline

A 106-year old woman shares the history she has witnessed and life lessons gathered since journeying alone to the Philippines from America at age 18.

This film tells the life story of a young American woman named Jessie Lichauco who dropped everything to sail to the Philippines at the age of 18, changing the course of her life completely.

Curiosity, Adventure & Love Cast

David Bradley, Carlos Celdran, Sunshine Lichauco De Leon, Ricardo Jose, Jessie Coe Lichauco, Marisa Lichauco, Sylvia Lichauco-de Leon, Bernadette Madrid, Robin Pettyfer, Johnny Rocha, John Silva

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