Top 20 Best Selling Albums by Filipino Artists

Music piracy in the Philippines resulted in a big loss for local musicians and producers alike, but this does not mean artists should stop producing good music.

Although the Filipino artists’ creativity has been in steady decline, still, many continue to fight and came up successful.

Although the popularity of Original Pilipino Music is a thing of the past, still, the Philippine music industry continues to try to make innovations.

Young singers like Julia Ann San Jose, Gerphil Flores, and several others are bringing Filipino music to another different level.

May we have lost the popularity of jukebox but still our music has its own rich history.

Here we provide the list of the top 20 highest selling local albums created by Filipino artists

1. Christmas in Our Hearts (1990)

Christmas in Our Hearts is an album released by Jose Mari Chan in 1990 and sold more than 800,000 and certified Diamond by the Philippine Association of Recording Industry (PARI). The album features two of the most popular Christmas songs “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “A Perfect Christmas”

2. Constant Change (1989)

Jose Mari Chan is like James Cameron of Hollywood who holds the top 2 best-selling films of all time, Avatar and Titanic. Released in 1989, the album features some of the most iconic Philippine songs like “Beautiful Girl” and “Please be Careful with My Heart” with Regine Velasquez. The album sold in excess of 800,000 copies and was certified Diamond.

3. R2K (1999)

Released by Regine Velasquez in 1999, the album was certified 12x Platinum and sold more than 480,000 copies. The album contains 17 adapted tracks without an original song.

4. Cutterpillow (1995)

Cutterpillow is the top-selling album of Eraserheads and sold more than 400,000. The album features the band’s most popular song “Ang Huling El Bimbo”

5. Jaya (1996)

Named after its artist, Jaya features “Dahil Tanging Ikaw” and “Laging Naron Ka” and sold 360,000 copies.

6. Nina Live! (2005)

Nina Live! Is an album released by Filipino singer Nina. It sold more than 300,000 qualifyings for a Diamond certificate. The album features adapted songs.

7. Forevermore (1995)

Released by Side A band, Forevermore sold more than 265,000 and features the “Forevermore” original song.

8. Paraiso (1991)

Paraiso is an album released by Smokey Mountain band where Geneva Cruz was a former member. The album sold more than 260,000 copies and features “Paraiso” and “Nahan Ka?” among others.

9. Covers, Vol. 1 (2004)

Released by Regine Velasquez in 2004 and sold more than 240,000 units and a 4x Platinum award. It features adapted OPM songs covered by Velasquez.

10. Halik (2000)

Released by Aegis and sold more than 226,000 goods for 4x Platinum. It features the band’s top-selling single “Halik”

11. Ten years Together (1980)

Released by Apo Hiking Society and sold more than 224,000, the album features some of the most iconic APO songs like “Batang Bata Ka Pa”, and “Ewan”

12. Just Can’t Help Feelin’ (1997)

Released by Jesa Saragoza and sold more than 223,000.

13. Pagdating ng Panahon (2001)

Aiza Seguerra made a successful comeback after her album become the best-selling album of 2001. It features her most successful single “Pagdating ng Panahon” and sold more than 220,000 and received a 5x Platinum award.

14. Habang May Buhay (1995)

Release by Donna Cruz in 1995, the album went on to sell 210,000 copies smashing sales records on that year. It features one of her most popular songs “Only me and You”.

15. Freeman (1995)

The most successful album of Francis Magalona, Freeman sold more than 219,000 copies and greatly influence Filipino rap music.

16. Rivermaya (1994)

Released by the Filipino band Rivermaya, the album sold 217,000 copies and features popular songs like “Ulan” and “214”.

17. Atomic Bomb (1997)

Another album released by Rivermaya and featured songs like “Elesi”, “Hinahanap hanap Kita”, and “Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo”. The album sold 216,000 copies.

18. Kitchie Nadal (2004)

Released by singer Kitchie Nadal, the self-titled debut album sold 215,000 copies.

19. Circus (1994)

Released by Eraserheads, Circus sold more than 214,000. The album features “Magasin”

20. Trip (1996)

Released by Rivermaya, the album sold 214,000 copies. It features “Kisapmata” and “Himala”.

Some of the notable singers who topped since 2010 are “A Wonderful Christmas” by Christian Bautista in 2010 and certified Platinum, “Julie Anne San Jose” (2012) and certified Diamond, and Alden Richards’ 2015 “Wish I may” which was certified 4x Platinum.

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