The Housemaid (2021) Review – a Jaclyn Jose Masterpiece

Jaclyn Jose once again proved that she is not a push-over actor when it comes to starring in delicate rules. The success of The Housemaid is not because of steamy scenes between Kylie Verzosa and Albert Martinez but because of Jaclyn’s masterful performance.

The Housemaid, starring Kylie Verzosa in the leading role, is a 2021 thriller film released last month September 10, through online streaming website Vivamax.

Director: Roman Perez Jr.


  • Kylie Verzosa as Daisy
  • Jaclyn Jose as Martha
  • Louise de Los Reyes as Roxanne
  • Albert Martines as William
  • Alma Moreno  as Ester
  • Elia Elano as Nami


Martha, the head housekeeper of couple William and Roxane hires Daisy to work as a housekeeper and nanny. Roxanne is pregnant with twins and the couple needs an extra nanny to take care of the twins when they are born.

Because Roxanne cannot provide pleasure to her husband William due to her pregnancy, William seduced Daisy and the two involved in an affair. Daisy became unknowingly became pregnant and when Ester (Roxanne’s mother) found it, she tried to cause an accident to Daisy to abort the baby.

Daisy thought it was just an accident but Nami (daughter of William with her former wife), told her that it was an intentional act by Ester.

Ester and Roxanne offered Daisy money to have the baby aborted but she changed her mind and vow to take revenge. Martha tried to give her money so she can live away but she also rejected Martha’s offer to help.

Roxanne put an abortion drug into her drinking milk and she suffered a miscarriage.

Desperate with her life, she hanged and burn herself inside of everyone inside the couple’s house.


The Housemaid is a unique thriller film full of emotions and thrill and one cannot predict the ending. Honestly, I thought Daisy would kill everyone but in the end, she killed herself leaving the couple and Ester massive responsibility.

One of the things I like about this movie is Kylie’s and Jaclyn’s acting skills.  Daisy looked psychologically and mentally troubled during the entirety of the film and I don’t know how she did it. Marth looks really powerful despite having her own vendetta towards her employer. I think this movie would rake several awards.

On the other hand, listening to the 60-year old Albert Martinez calling 62-year old Alma Moreno is weird. Roman Perez could have employed another actress aside from Alma Moreno.

I understand that Kylie doesn’t have to show her topless body but charging people more than P200 for something with less skin is a total rip-off. If you are looking for steamy scenes and want to see something, this is not for you. I recommend Taya with AJ Raval.

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