Some Ways to Make Your Life Less Boring as a Single Person

Fact: A single teenager may not get bored because he/she may have a lot of friends especially if still in school,  but the same thing can’t be said about a single adult who is in his late 20′s to middle 30′s.

So How Can We Live a Less Boring Life While Being Single?

Ignore the Negative Thinkers

It is always inevitable to come across old friends and other acquaintances in the malls, parties, or in some events. In a society where people think being single at the right age to get married is not normal, you can always encounter questions like “why you are still single”, as if there is something wrong with you. These people think that the human’s ultimate goal in life is to get married in order to survive emotionally and socially. Get yourself ready for that kind of ignorance. There is no need to defend your self so you must not react to that kind of question. Just think of other things to change the topic in a nice and positive way. For me, asking why someone is still single is a personal question and it is like questioning my relationship validity. People who are professional and highly educated do not ask that direct question. Can you imagine what a gay person reacts when he/she is asked directly “why you are gay”?. The same thing applies to single, married, divorced, separated people. Can you really ask someone in public why she is separated? I don’t think so.

Planning and Time Management is Extremely Important

Don’t kid yourself doing things that are not included in your schedule. Not because you are single you think you can always do whatever you want, or you can always go wherever you go. Unplanned spending is always the main problem of every single person because they think some material things can bring them out of their boring world. Plan and organize your daily schedule and spend only when your schedule says you are going to spend (with friends during a weekend or on some scheduled trips). In some cases, I may go out to the mall but I always make sure that I do not buy things outside my personal budget. If I want to buy things even I have money inside my pocket, I have to make a separate preparation for that. Stay away from impulsive spending.

Focus on Making New Friends

Being single, we have lots of opportunities to mingle with other single so why don’t you go out sometimes and have some friendly conversation with other people? If you are an introverted type of person and have low self-esteem, use online media. There are a lot of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or even dating sites to enjoy your ragtime. Talking with other people whom you haven’t meet personally sometimes boosts confidence. For women, do it with caution though.

Enjoy Your Freedom

Don’t limit yourself to something you know you can do. Most singles are emotional, have radical fantasies, and have vivid imaginations. If you want to make your own recipe then do it. You want to go on a joy ride alone, do it. As long as you are not causing any trouble to other people, do whatever you want as long as it is inside your managed and controlled schedule and budget.

Go to the Gym

Several years ago (a long time ago actually), when I was residing in Lipa City, I went to the gym 3 to 4 times a week after work. I had a non-perfect but at least healthy body that some people noticed especially when inside the washing room. It boosted my self-confidence. Then someone came and shattered my physical attributes after she broke my heart.. lol. I lost motivation and totally quit going to the gym. You should not do the same. Recently, I started going to the gym again, and not only that I am making myself healthier, but I also met some interesting fellows, have a good chat, and meet some new friends. Working out develops both mental and physical strength.

Avoid Alcohol When You Feel You’re Alone

This is the biggest problem that most single males do when they feel alone and lonely. I’ve been single in countless years, been alone, been happy, and been lonely many times, and honestly, I’ve done this once years ago and the result was a total mess. Don’t do it. You’ll be in a great deal of regret if you drink alone and can’t remember what happened that night when you wake up sober the next morning.

Being Married is a Lifestyle Choice and not a Requirement

I am not saying that I am not going to get married. At least not at the moment. Being single is a lifestyle as well and not a requirement. Both have advantages and disadvantages. There is freedom of being single that married people can’t enjoy, and also there is family for married people that the single people can’t enjoy. Whether you are single or married, there is no advantage over the other so be happy with what you are. Don’t get envy married people if they have a beautiful wife, handsome husband, or cute kids because their freedom is not the same as yours. In fact, being single is an advantage. You can have the same family in the future if you want to.

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