Paraluman (2021) Review – Visually Stunning but some Parts didn’t seem Right

Two of the main reasons why I watch Paraluman honestly was Rhen Escaño, who is always smoking hot in that innocent face, and Jao Mapa’s return to the screen. Although some visuals were satisfactory, my total rating was “disappointing” and I’ll explain why.

Paraluman revolves around a forbidden love between an 18-year old Mia (Esacaño) falling in love with 45-year-old Peter, an unmarried man but living with Giselle (Gwen Garci). I thought I was seeing some steamy encounters between Rhen and Jao but I failed, but anyway, that’s just a part of disappointments.

Mia and her guardian moved to a village where Peter and his partner Giselle live. Mia, an innocent-looking teen falls in love with Peter due to his kindness, and the two ended up having a forbidden affair.

When Giselle found out, she did everything to stop them and resorted to an unconventional way that resulted in a surprising tragedy for Peter.

Peter was accused of molesting a kid but Mia, although was not her plan and had nothing to do about it, was helpless to protect peter. Peter ended up in jail and after several years, they meet again upon his release.

  • Actors: Rhen Escaño, Jao Mapa, Gwen Garci, Melvin Lee
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Director: Yam Laranas
  • Watch it on: Vivamax

My overall review

I will give 3 stars out of five for the reasons I explain below.

I was excited to see Jao Mapa but when I did, I thought they hired another leading man than him. No disrespect but I found him old and out of shape and even if they make love, I feel no excitement especially that Rhen is extremely hot in that innocent-looking face. I thought it would have been better if they hire other actors in their late 30s. Jao really looks old.

Another thing I don’t like is how Peter was charged and convicted. I think it was one-sided. Mia was not underage and she was not the one who complained – something that will not happen in real life as abuse against women always requires the victim’s testimony.

Another thing that I think lacking is the number of intimate encounters between the two leading actors. it would have been better if there are more love scenes.

Hope you get the idea of what I am talking about 🙂

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