Maria Labo Full Movie (2015)

Maria Labo is a 2015 Philippine horror thriller film directed by Roi Vinzon. It is based on a Philippine urban legend about an Overseas Filipino worker believed to be an aswang known as “Maria Labo” who is said to have eaten her own children.

The film stars Kate Brios, Jestoni Alarcon, and Sam Pinto in the leading roles and was produced and distributed by KIB Productions, Star Builders Talent Agency & Film Production, and Viva Films.

Maria Labo Plot

A popular urban legend about a woman who cooked and ate her two children.

Maria Labo Cast

Kate Brios, Jestoni Alarcon, Sam Pinto, Dennis Padilla, Mon Confiado, Baron Geisler, Rey “PJ” Abellana, Rez Cortez, Miggs Cuaderno, Lenlen Frial

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