Maria (2019) is Still the Best Later Pinoy Action Movie to Watch

Viva Films is bombarding the Filipino Film industry with new films and becomes the leader in releasing new movies after Star Cinema and ABS-CBN slow down in the past 2 years. The launching of Vivamax, an online streaming site owned by the company, is proving that Filipinos still love local films.

Vivamax is becoming popular despite being just a few months old.

Maria (2019) starring Cristine Reyes, and also produced by Viva Films could have been a hit in Vivamax if the company was already available during the film’s release 2 years ago but its success on Netflix is still impressive. In fact, the movie topped the local favorites for several months after its release.

Why Maria is still popular on Netflix?

There are a number of reasons why Maria continues to attract attention from local viewers and I’ll explain why.

  1. Cristine Reyes is one of the favorite actors of many male Filipino fans and seeing her in a different role outside the sexy niche is exciting. In the movie where she was the main protagonist fighting her way to freedom, the explosiveness of the film is just on another level.
  2. No better local action film was produced recently. yes, Maria is probably the best action film produced recently. There are some action-thriller films but they lack explosiveness.
  3. Unique plot. Maria, although a revenge film still has some uniqueness in it.
  4. Veteran cast. Cristine Reyes, Germaine De Leon, KC Montero, and Ronnie Lazaro are all capable actors who can turn a simple plot into profit.

Maria is still available on Netflix and is always recommended for someone who browses the action genre.

According to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), due to several bloody, violent scenes, and frequent use of foul language only audiences eighteen (18) years old and above can view this film. The MTRCB classified the film as rated R-18.


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