Manipula: Why this Upcoming Movie is so Popular?

Manipula, an upcoming movie with shady details is gaining a lot of attention since part of it was released on YouTube. Since then, there is no update or additional details on when the film will be released.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Manipula is becoming popular despite the lack of details is because of Ana Jalandoni, the leading actress alongside Aljur Abrenica.

Ana Jalandoni was first seen in the movies “Sleazebag Cheaters” and “Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar”. The actress has a shady past too. Her ex-husband was once rumored to be linked to Kris Aquino.

Manipula is the recent movie that Aljur Abrenica is a part of. This is another mystery and daring movie he has done following Nerisa, the film he did where he co-starred with AJ Raval, his rumored girlfriend. And relating a past event in his to the title of his newest film. Although shooting is reported to have been completed, no details about this film being released yet.

People are searching for this movie on Google and other platforms but unfortunately, there is nothing to say about it.

If you are looking for steamy and sexy movies, you can check Vivamax for the latest releases. It looks like producers are trying to cash out the recent surge of Pinoy sexy (bold) films (again) as most recent releases of Viva Films are all sexy films featuring mostly AJ Abrenica and Sean de Gusman and other new sexy stars.

I think producers are taking this for granted because an online platform like Vivamax is not censored by MTRCB (I’m not sure but it looks like I am right). I believe these hot scenes cannot be allowed in theaters.

cast of Manipula includes Rosanna Roces, Alan paule, Christian Vasquez, Marco Alcaraz, mark Manicad, and Kiko Matos. There is no available plot yet and no one knows what this film is really all about.

Watch Manipula Full Movie Trailer

I think people are just excited to see Ana Jalandoni taking off her clothes.

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