Korean Dramas are Getting Boring But Pinoy Movies are Worse

Lately, I watched a number of Korean dramas and failed to finish most of them because the plot is going nowhere. I started to get exhausted after spending hours of watching and then the plot just turned into complete BS…

AJ Raval in Taya

Take for instance the Fashion King. Worst ending so far. Can the writer explain why the main character was shot, who shot him and why? It’s complete BS… Another useless drama is Temptation of Wife. Unbelievable plot. Yes, these are all fiction but can the writers at least write something that is more realistic?

I think I watched over fifty dramas and I discovered significant things about Korean culture (if these dramas represent their culture).

Can they write or create drama without the following?

  • Revenge/vengeance
  • Orphan characters / adapted
  • Stealing of company/corporation/land
  • Rich/Poor characters
  • Character identity changes after surgery and came back as a new person to revenge
  • Time travel
  • Nonsense Fistfights
  • Too dumb main characters
  • Loan sharks giving serious problems to the main character or his/her family
  • Drinking soju
  • Characters contesting on who to become chairman of the company
  • and more nonsense plots….

The thing that I really didn’t like is that how can the main character trust the antagonist many times when the latter betrayed him/her many times? See “The Man Called God”. Too dumb… In the Temptation of Wife, the main character was unbelievable…. I will shut my mouth if it was a fantasy, but it wasn’t…

Korean dramas are full of hate, vengeance, and dumb people…. Can they write something outside the above plots and make it more realistic…

Ghost – I only watched because I like Lee Yeon Hee but the story is useless. Unbelievable plot and hacking. The writer’s imagination is on another planet.

The Man Called God – I only watched because I like Han Chae Young and also curious to see how  Sung Il Gook  (Jumong) perform at his age, but I did not expect the story to end like that.  Useless revenge.

Fashion King – I only watched because the main character seems pretty. I did not expect to watch the story with the worst ending.

Temptation of Wife – I felt bored and stopped watching episode 70. The story was going nowhere. Lots of hate and vengeance.

My princess – Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee were a perfect couple but the stories were useless and unbelievable.

Green Rose – another unbelievable plot.

Full House – Another stupid drama. Although this is one of the most popular Korean dramas here in the Philippines but can someone really sell someone’s house without the owner’s approval? Is this really happening in Korea?  How can someone forgive someone for selling her house?  Stupid and dumb.

Autumn in My Heart – Main character (Song Hye Kyo) never experienced happiness since her childhood until her death. Is that okay?

Bad Guy – I just don’t like a revenge plot. It’s predictable and common.

East of Eden – Although I like Lee Yeon Hee (again), and Song Seung Heon, the plot is pointless and unbelievable.

Dream High – Pointless outcome

Just some nonsense dramas I watched….

The list goes on but I have to stop with Korean dramas here and switch to Pinoy movies.

I was about to finish watching Taya through Vivamax and oh boy, I was extremely disappointed. I couldn’t believe the director messed up the ending. There are no words to explain how messed up the ending of Taya was. I would never recommend this movie. I subscribed to Vivamax just to watch some new movies not available on Netflix but this is a massive disappointment. No wonder why the Philippine cinema is dying – lack of quality plot.

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