5 Best Filipino Films to Watch on Vivamax this October

Are you looking for the latest Filipino films to watch this month but can’t find something on Netflix? Well, you are fortunate because since the Viva Group launched Vivamax.com, it streams the latest Viva films releases.

Vivamax is a new website that is similar to Netflix, it also offers streaming services for a lower cost. As of this writing, the Vivamax subscription is ₱145 per month, which is affordable enough to watch your favorite latest movies.

This October, we will introduce the five films that you can watch on Vivamax. Most of them are quite steamy so make sure you are ready 🙂

1. Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso

Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso is a 2021 Filipino comedy film written, produced, and directed by Darryl Yap for Viva Films and VinCentiments. It was distributed by Vivamax. The film stars Aubrey Caraan, Marco Gallo, Teresa Loyzaga, and Gina Pareño among others. Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso became available last October 1.

2. Sarap Mong Patayin

The title sounds controversial but this psychological comedy film is worth spending 2 hours with. It is directed by Darryl Yap with Ariella Arida, Kit Thompson, and Bob Jbeili as cast members.  Sarap Mong Patayin will be available online on October 15.

3. Shoot Shoot!

This is probably the most popular movie on this list. Andre is together with AJ Raval star on this green comedy film. A lot of people have been searching about this movie online looking for a full version and fortunately, you can watch them through Vivamax. Shoot Shoot! is highly recommended. It was directed by Al Tantay with Sunshine Guimary also included in the cast. Shoot Shoot! became available on October 8.

4. Sa Haba Ng Gabi

Sa haba ng Gabi is a Filipino zombie film starring Candy pangilinan, Gerald Napoles, and Kim Molina. Directed by Miko Livelo, it tells about a zombie outbreak that happens in a village where two housemaids and a driver will need to survive their longest night ever as they get trapped inside the mansion. The film will be released on October 29.

5. House Tour

Five people break into a house and two of them are killed in a confrontation with the police. They hid inside the house and discovered that everything was planned.  Directed by Roman Perez Jr. and starring Mark Anthony Fernandez, Diego Loyzaga, Marco Gomez, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Sunshine Guimary, and Cindy Miranda. the movie will be available on October 22.

Want a different genre? Vivamax offers all type of genres and even “bold” movies of the 90s are still available. Actually, most films created by Via Films are available.

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