10 of the Worst Pinoybaiters on YouTube

This might be your first time hearing the term ‘Pinoybaiting” but it’s been all over the Internet since like 5 years ago. It’s slang for feeding Pinoys Philippine-related videos on YouTube and social media prompting them to watch and eventually turning them into fans and subscribers. I am talking about the gullible “proud Pinoys” who are hungry for attention and recognition.

Pinoybaiting has been a pandemic even before the Coronavirus-19 hit the world. Pinoybaiters use catchy headlines like “Trying (something) for the first time in the Philippines”, “We don’t know the Philippines has this”, “First time we do this in the Philippines”, “We are shocked to see this in the Philippines”, “Unbelievable Filipino (anything/something)”, etc…

In short, they use adjectives and superlatives like “first time, shocking, unbelievable, very emotional, hate, love, regret”, and everything that can stroke the Filipinos’ ego.

Honestly, there are few reaction videos that I like but these videos are not coming from reaction channels. I don’t want to mention it here but I found a single reaction video about REO Brothers that I really liked and that was coming from a professional British musician. At least he has the authority to react, especially that he was reacting to a Beatles song. But anyway, let’s go back to the topic.

Is Pinoybaiting bad?

This question has different answers depending on who we are asking. For Pinoybaiters this is good because they are making money without a little-to-no effort. They just sit in front of their PC devices, watch and listen to a video, fake their facial expressions, and say a few non-sense sentences, and viola, there is money!

But for many of us who understand their motives, this is bad because they are making money out of our gullibility. If you don’t understand what gullible in Tagalog is, it means “uto-uto”, or “madaling mapaniwala”.

Why would you watch a video with the title “American Reacting to Marcelito Pomoy” when you already watched Pomoy dozens of times and there are also dozens of videos like this?

In fact, Pinoybaiting has also created a lot of fake professions on YouTube like “vocal coach, music trainer, etc. Most of these people claiming to be are fake. They just add these titles on this channel to add credibility which is absurd because they are actually losing credibility.

Without further adieu, here are 10 of the worst and most aggressive Pinoybaiters on YouTube.

1. The Commodity

The Commodity is a new channel that started just last year on July 3, 2020, during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. The channel is hosted by two lazy fat American guys named Phezz and Miles.

As one of the most boring people online, these two are doing nothing other than watching videos and adding no value at all. If you search for “Americans react to the Philippines”, you’ll see them first.

One of their more popular videos is their “Americans React to Philippines | Geography Now!”. Which is also created by another Pinoybaiter. Imagine watching this video and believing its content? The original video alone has a lot of false information.

I don’t know the background of this pair of lazy dudes but if they lost their jobs during the pandemic, creating garbage on YouTube is certainly not a solution.

2. Happy Reactions

Probably the most hated reaction channel by most Filipinos who understand Pinoybaiting, “Happy Reactions” is created by a couple who I used to respect. Their original channel is “Happiness Crossing” which contains their travel videos but they turned their career into a cesspool by producing reaction videos about the Philippines.

The couple is probably the fakest Pinoybaiters all over YouTube. Although they stayed in the Philippines for six months, it’s not an excuse to make useless videos just to attract viewers.

3. Def Noodles

Def Noodles is one of the worst YouTube reaction channels. Not only a serial Pinoybaiter who never set foot in the Philippines but also a serial reactionist copying other people’s videos and making money out of it.

This man knows nothing but his channel covers a wide range of topics from different parts of the works acting like he is an expert on something. A real shameless punk!

4. Curious AK

I’ve been following this channel for a couple of years. The previous name was “AK and Indy”. Not really sure what happened here but it looks like the coupe “AK and Indy” broke up before and the black guy changed the name to just “Curious AK”.

This channel is the most boring Pinoybaiter. It is hosted by an African guy named AK and his Ukrainian (correct me if I’m wrong) girlfriend named Indy. I don’t understand how people without talent like this couple with boring personalities amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Filipinos really need to have personality checks. None of these two people are likable and entertaining at all.

5. What’s up Philippines

Here is another respectable blogger turned into creating garbage. I used to be a big fan of Mike and Nelly in their Making it happen Vlog but the moment they started the “What’s up Pilipinas”, they lost all of their credibility. Yes, they are living in the Philippines and they are trying their best to make garbage reaction videos. If there is an award for “The Worst Pinoy Baiters”, they will probably go in second behind “Happy Reactions”

I remember the couple was invited into a tourism award and was nominated (not sure), but now I will be protesting if that happens again. The couple promotes nothing but gullibility and stupidity among Filipinos.

6. Music Game News

The name of this channel suggests it has some niche but not at all. Instead of music, games, and news, this channel is full of crap. This lazy Canadian Pinoybaiter reacts to almost everything the Philippines has to offer – from Marcos gold conspiracy theory, beauty standards, and a lot of garbage topics to even retracting to other vloggers like Nas Daily and Jessica Lee. This dude really tries something he can to make money. He mentioned in one of his videos that he never set foot in the Philippines. Yeah, it looks like his ass is stuck on his chair sitting in front of his laptop doing nonsense videos.

7. Dabble The Reaction

Another British couple with a similar story to that of Happy Reactions and What’s up Pilipinas. Yeah, they visited the Philippines and I believe this is how they discovered the “Pinoybaiting gold” and since then started creating Pinoy reaction videos.

8. TriFate Lifestyle

This might be your first time hearing this but this pair of idiots is really one of the most annoying YouTubers. I don’t know what topic about the Philippines they can’t react to as I see dozens of videos about the Philippinen on their channel – and they are adding no value at all except making fake facial expressions. Just another pair of lazy young white Americans.


These guys proved to the world that some black people are lazy. As one of the worst YouTube channels out there, I’m now sure what to do after seeing their reaction videos about the Philippines. They are the black version of TriFate Lifestyle.

The pair even made a video about how they are accused of Pinoybaiting, but still, continue doing it. LOL


I hate to say this, but George and Lucy, you are a disgrace. I used to be one of your regular followers in The Juicy Vlog but that was months ago before you created this garbage channel. I know you need to survive but this is not the way to do it. Good luck with your baby though.

Honorable Mention


Nothing much to say here. Just a pair of white and black young unskilled and untalented American opportunists. Search their channel and you can find lots of garbage videos about the Philippines with lots of gullible Filipinos liking it. What a shame!

There may be a lot of other channels that try to make money out of Filipino gullibility but so far, the top list is my pick.

I love foreigners who are vlogging about the Philippines and in fact, I could recommend some because I really like their videos.

Jumping Places for example has a very unique experience. They were stuck in Coron due to Covid-19 for a good 9 to 10 months (I guess) and documented a lot about Coron and El Nido. What I like about this couple is that they started traveling as a hobby and never created a YouTube channel after visiting multiple countries. Unlike other so-called YouTubers that make videos without even leaving their seats.

Other YouTubers to watch that I could really recommend are Jessica Lee and Finding Tom

There are many popular YouTubers in the Philippines like Becoming Filipino, Finn Snow, Bisayang Hilaw, Hungry Syrian, Everyday TV, Brett Maverick, and others that I know but can’t recommend for some reason that I don’t want to disclose.

Hope you enjoy this article and take note of the above lists

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