10 Hottest Movies on Vivamax as of April 2022

Vivamax is becoming more and more popular as a local competitor for Netflix. What makes Vivamax unique is its new releases of local films considered by many to be a resurgence of “Pinoy Bold Movies”. Most of the new releases of Viva Films are sexy, steamy, and hot thriller movies and this is why fans love the streaming platform.

As of April 2022, there are dozens of sexy and Rated 18 movies on Vivamax but we picked 10 films for you to watch and enjoy either with your partner or alone. These films might not be removed anytime soon especially the new ones so enjoy watching them.

1. Moonlight Butterfly (2022)

Starring Christine Bermas, Kit Thompson, and Albie Casino.

Bermas plays Eunice (Bermas) a.k.a Moonlight Butterfly, the hottest GRO in Angeles, Pampanga who works hard to provide for her family and to support her boyfriend Roy’s (Albie Casiño) education.

In her line of work, she meets a lot of men, but only one stands out – Elliot (Kit Thompson), an American guy who actually gave Eunice the name Moonlight Butterfly. He is fascinated by Eunice’s charm and sexiness, and he wants her all for himself. He asks her to live with him and stop her work as a GRO. In exchange, Elliot provides for Eunice and her family’s needs.

2. Rigodon (2012)

Starring Yam Concepcion, John James Uy, and Max Eigenmann

Sarah, who just got out of a failed relationship, finds a man named Riki who is a product of a reality show and currently finding his way to the top. The two develop a relationship that benefits each other’s needs. The two develop a very intimate relationship that alters both of their lives forever.

3. Taya (2021)

Starring Sean de Guzman, Aj Raval, Jela Cuenca, and Angeli Khang

Sixto, a college student became addicted to online gambling and use all of his money to win but fell short after the girl of his dream left her.

Sixto explores the dangerous world of online ending for his thesis and gets involved with Winona, Nieves, and Nanette. He tries to win the girl of his dreams in a risky game of online betting, unknowingly diving into a world of crime, gambling, and online prostitution.

The movie is all about the story of greed, love, and deception.

4. Hugas (2022)

Starring AJ Raval, Sean De Guzman, and Jay Manalo

Ex-gang members and newlyweds Al and Liezl run away with a big bag of cash, but their ex-boss will go to the ends of the earth to find them.

Carrying a big bag of cash, the couple flees from the gang, and thus begins a series of mishaps. Boss Dencio will chase them to the ends of the earth to get the money back.

5. House Tour (2021)

Starring Cindy Miranda, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Diego Loyzaga, and Sunshine Guimary

When four robbers broke into a house, they decided to stay and party when they discovered that the owners will not be returning soon. But the owner (Rafael Siguion-Reyna) suddenly appeared and stabbed Markus (Mark Anthony Fernandez). One of them shot the owner to death and the group hid inside the house when the police arrived.

6. Kinsenas, Katapusan (2022)

Starring Joko Diaz, Ayanna Misola, Jamilla Obispo, and Janelle Lazo Tee

Conrado (Diaz) is a successful businessman and a family man, with a loving wife and a beautiful young daughter. He meets Beth (Misola) online, a young girl with a dark past. And what Conrad thought to be harmless video calls with Beth, turned into real-life rendezvous. Conrad keeps his affair with Beth a secret from his family until Beth visits their house and he finds out that she is his daughter’s friend.

Now, not only his life but also his family may be in danger as Conrad discovers the scary truth behind Beth’s past.

7. Death of a Girlfriend (2021)

Starring Diego Loyzaga, AJ Raval, Soliman Cruz, Janice de Belen,  and Ina Feleo

When Christine was found brutally raped and killed in the woods, Alonzo, her boyfriend, seeks the aid of an investigator. A forest ranger and a farmer are summoned for the inquest. Each suspect has a version to tell. But as the investigation deepens, a dark secret is discovered that will reveal who the real culprit is.

8. Silip Sa Apoy (2022)

Starring Angeli Khang, Sid Lucero, Jela Cuenca, Paolo Gumabao, and Massimo Scofield

K-Krush Angeli Khang plays her toughest role yet in this erotic drama written by Ricky Lee and directed by McArthur C. Alejandre. Take a peek at the life of an unhappy housewife who finds passionate love from her neighbor and how their affair brings them closer to fire.

9. Island of Desire (2022)

Starring Christine Bermas, Sean de Guzman, Jela Cuenca and Rash Flores

A young woman named Martha (Christine Bermas) is assigned to work remotely on an island called “Isla Bato.” She becomes a nurse at its Regional Health office, and she also befriends some of the residents, Tess (Jela Cuenca), a midwife on the island, and Leloy (Sean de Guzman), a Habal rider. Being a constant companion, Leloy becomes closer to Martha, and they end up falling for each other.

As she stays longer on the island, she begins to discover strange things about the place and its secrets, including a cult with fanatic followers and an abusive leader. Here is where she also reunites with her long-lost sister, who warns her and tells her to escape the place while she can.

10. X-Deal 2 (2022)

Starring Josef Elizalde, Angela Morena, and Rob Quinto

On an island, a young couple, Violet and Peter, offers a sex swap with fellow guest Olivia, a hot lesbian. What starts as a mutually-beneficial deal turns rough and tumble when Peter demands more than what he bargained for.

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